Arab mare, previously spent time endurance riding. Very lively, would suit an experienced rider!


Young Quarterhorse mare. Lovely ride out horse for smaller adults.


Lovely Palamino mare who used to live in the Kimberleys. Stunning looks and a huge personality this mare suits teens and small adults.


Beautiful black gelding who has done everything from cattle work to polocrosse and taking people out on pleasure rides…and this horse can jump! Suits anything from beginners to experienced riders.


Stylish ASH mare bred at Jesters Flat. Highly responsive and agile.


Mature ex polo mare. She suits all levels of riding from intermediates and upwards. Beautiful beach riding horse.


Young ASH mare, bred at Jesters Flat. Kind and generous temperament, suitable for all abilities and ages.


Lovely old polo horse. Champion in his younger days! Still very responsive and lively, so not for the total beginners.


Young Quarterhorse gelding. Strong as a lion and always willing and able.


Radar is a compact, good looking, Quarterhorse gelding. A great little jumper and a happy pleasure ride. Great for kids and teens.


Resident Australian Stock Horse Stallion, not available for riding.


Sausage is definitely our most requested riding horse. Strange name for such a beautiful mare….but there you go! Sausage is an easy going mare and a pleasure to ride. She is best suited to kids and young teens.


Beautiful ASH mare. Great long distance riding horse. Powerful and suitable for experienced riders only. Sister to Jesters Flat Regret.


A very competant and athletic riding pony. Exciting horse to ride for novelties and jumping. Always so fat and happy! Perfect for kids and young teens.


Another talented horse from the Station country. She’s quiet and refined….a lovely bushriding horse. Suitable for all abilities and ages.


Lovely, funny Croc! Very agile, talented horse. Light on his feet. Suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. He’s very gently but has a V8 motor!


Registered ASH mare, kind and gentle, always willing to try everything.