The Berry Farm Ride

Tour Length: 5.5 hours
Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Weight: under 90kgs
Age: 15 years and over
Cost: $400 per person

A scenic day ride to the Berry Farm CafĂ© and Cellar Door, located in the charming Rosa Glen region. The ride takes approximately 5.5hours including a light lunch out in the forest (we supply!). There is ample opportunity to trot and canter along the way, so we recommend a good level of fitness and endurance. Conditions can be hot in Summer and wet in Winter! Once arriving at the Berry Farm we’ll transport the horses back to Jesters Flat while you relax with afternoon tea in the Berry Farm cafe. The delicious afternoon tea is included in the tour price. (We’ll drive you back to Jesters Flat in our little bus.)

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