Canebrake Pool Ride

Tour Length: 3.5 hours
Experience Level: Novice to Advanced
Cost: $250 per person, including lunch and transfers

Sublime 3.5hr Ride out through the Rapids Conservation Park to Canebrake Pool.

We’ll go at varying paces so a little bit of fitness is required, however there’s plenty of opportunity to just relax and enjoy the majesty of the forest.

Once arriving at Canebrake we’ll transfer the horses back to Jesters Flat by truck. Now you can enjoy a leisurely lunch (supplied) and a swim, weather permitting of course! We’ll pick you up in our little bus for the scenic drive back to Jesters Flat. Allow half a day to enjoy the experience.

And, just a few important things to make a note of before you book:

Our weight limit is 95kgs, although we can make exceptions for experienced riders. Give us a call on 0897574562 or email if you’d like to discuss the matter.

This ride is suitable for novice to advanced riders, 15 years and over. If swimming at the Canebrake Pool, children will need to be accompanied by their parent / guardian.

Please arrive at Jesters Flat 20 minutes before the departure time.

This is a useful link to gauge your horse riding ability

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