Jesters Saddle Club

Tour Length: 2.5 hours
Experience level: Beginners
Weight: Under 95kgs
Age: 10 years and over
Cost: $110 per person

Saddle Club starts with getting to know your horse (you’ll learn how to catch your horse!), grooming and saddling up , followed by a 15minute lesson.

Before heading off for the 1 hour bushride, we provide a hearty morning tea ,individually packed of course. Adults are welcome to join in the 1hour bushride part of the tour with the children. Just ask us about this customized tour!! Finally, its time to feed and care for your pony before relaxing back at the cottage.

We supply your own little package of marshmallows, to toast over the open fire (in the cooler months)! You are also welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy after the ride, at the clubhouse or treehouse.

We’ll present you with a special certificate of participation at the end of this tour , signed by your instructors.


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